3 Sisters of Nature Cleansing Coconut Co-wash 237ml

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Product omschrijving

Co-Washing your hair is the best daily treatment to obtain strong, conditioned tresses, Rich and buttery, avocados are full of natural oils and protein that will restore moisture to dry hair, making it stronger and more flexible. III Sisters of Nature Coconut Co-Wash is infused with coconut milk, which has protein, essential fats and iron to fortify your hair. Your hair will appear softer, shiny and stronger with a co-washing routine versus shampooing. Regular Co-Washing adds nutrients versus stripping valuable moisture. After your first few washes, you'll notice hair that is happy, healthy and shiny. Gently enough for daily use. No petrolatum No mineral oil No silicones No alcohol No formaldehyde No carbomer No parabens No waxes

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Meer informatie
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