Direction Hair Color Pillarbox Red

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Product omschrijving

La Riche has the most diverse colors in its Directions series. Here, direct pigments ensure that you can realize the craziest colors you want. A condition is that this can be applied to very light blond hair for effects such as the color swatches. The colors can be mixed with one another or it is even possible to create them into pastels by adding the white toner. Application: first wash the hair with an acid pH-balanced shampoo. The shampoo will give the hair the correct acid balance, in order to achieve the best result with the La Riche Directions color cream. Comb the La Riche Directions color cream through the hair until it emulsifies, so the color pigment of the La Riche Directions can penetrate the hair foamy. Light locks comb several times. The exposure time is between 15 and 30 minutes. Because of the warmth of a plastic cap you achieve an even better result with the hair coloring of La Riche Directions. Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water until all residue color cream is removed. All colors of la Riche Directions can be mixed together to create your own unique color. If more than one color is used, the hair must be washed and dried separately. The hair must be treated with the greatest care when bleached hair is partially colored.

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Meer informatie
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