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Curly Secret Fruity Protein Shot

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The Fruity Protein Shot is rich in vegetable protein. This not only ensures that the hair is strengthened and fuller. Protein also protects the hair scales, making the hair softer and fading away. Because the hair scales are also cared for, the hair can more easily retain nutrition. Dry hair is now a thing of the past! And in addition to all these benefits; your hair growth gets a boost.

The Fruity Protein Shot is suitable for all types of dry and damaged hair. That is, the hair mask is not only suitable for curly hair, but also for straight hair. Furthermore, it is recommended for hair loss, curl loss, lifeless and chemically treated hair.

This is all you need to know about the Fruity Protein Shot:

  • Great for dry and damaged hair

  • Recommended when you have curl loss, hair loss or chemically treated hair

  • Contains vegetable protein

  • Nourishing

Curly Secret

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Curly Secret Fruity Protein Shot

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